Journalist Taoheed Appointed As Chief Editor For SchoolTalks News

New Appointment Alert:

In a bid to grow our amazing site, we hereby state with gay the appointment of our dear Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed as the new Chief Editor cum Social Media Manager.

As from today 22nd of December, 2021 he will resume office with us.

His salary will be undisclosed except if he wishes so.

Kindly help us congratulate him


Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed is a Nigerian bilingual writer, professional editor, legal researcher, tutor and investigative journalist.

He is the National Correspondent for Track News Nigeria and Chief Editor of Scholar Media Africa Magazine in Kenya.

He holds many editorial posts in different media houses of the country and has his ample works in both national and international journals.

Taoheed is from Offa, a prominent town in Kwara State Nigeria and currently he studies Law at Usman Dan Fodio University Sokoto State.

He runs MOTMEDIA and hugs nature when he is not reading.

Signed By:

Engineer Jeremiah,

The CEO.

Author: Engr Jeremiah

Onicha Jeremiah Known As Engr Jeremiah Is The Founder And Editor Of SCHOOLTALKS, He Loves To Keep His Readers Updated And Educated. He Is A Blogger, Am Educational Consultant.

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