Important Things To know About POST UTME/Screening For 2021/2022.

Important Things To know About POST UTME/ Screening For 2021/2022.

Have you been searching for such post in regards to Post UTME/Screening for 2021/2022 ? Things to know about Post UTME/Screening ? or have you been asking; How does Post UTME/Screening Looks like for 2021/2022?

If YES!, then this page you are reading now will tell you everything you need to know about POST-UTME/SCREENING , keep reading my good friend.

YES!! We are all aware that the JAMB admission Cut off mark has been scrapped out by the Board in which Institutions nationwide are been given the mandate to set their own cut off marks for 2021 admission processes. The Question Now is what is next?

The next thing is now is POST UTME or ONLINE SCREENING. What exactly do we mean by POST-UTME or SCREENING? This aspect will be discussed briefly below;
It is always beleived that once an Institution be it Federal Institution , State Institution ,Private Institution, Polytechnics or Colleges releases it’s Institutional Cut off mark , the next thing is the sales of POST UTME form or Online Screening Form to it’s Aspirants who choosed them as first choice. Meanwhile I know some students don’t really understand these terms (POST UTME AND ONLINE SCREENING) been used above.
You don’t have to worry yourself , these terms will be explained vividly on this page. Keep reading.


The Post Unified Teriary MatriculaUTME Examinations POST-UTME is an Examinations that is been conducted by an Institution immediately after JAMB Examinations for the continuation of Candidates admission processes , it will also help to screen out Or eliminate some students who don’t merit the admission as well. You may do very well in JAMB but fumble in the POST UTME Examinations, once this happened , you may not be admitted based on the failures displayed on your POST UTME, and this pattern to some Institutions nationwide because some Institutions value it’s POST-UTME Examinations more than your different JAMB scores . So it’s better you prepare very hard for the POST UTME Examinations of your School of Choice ,don’t let your JAMB score weigh you down , There is always a possibility if only you read very hard for
your exams.


The Online Screening is also a method of Screening that is conducted by an Institution for the continuation of Candidates admission processes but in this aspect , Candidates are not allowed to write any Examinations, but are been requested to get the Online form ,submit their documents such as O’level Results, JAMB original results etc online to the school portal and awaits their admission without stress. But no one is easy cause both of them doesn’t gaurantees you sure admission cause under this processes, you will still be screen out or scrutinized perfectly before you are been considered for the Admission, that’s why it’s called screening.


1. In Post UTME , Examinations is been conducted While Screening, there is no Examinations at all.
2. Post UTME it’s not done by all Institutions nationwide, same with Online Screening. Institutions decides on which method they want
to adopt be it POST UTME or ONLINE SCREENING, so it depends on your different Institution nationwide.


Having known what these two terms means above , how can one apply for it ?
Firstly, You must wait for your desired Institution to release it’s Cut off mark and also announced it’s sales of form for 2021 Admission before
you can now apply.
Secondly, You must ensure that you have made your desired Institution “first choice “before applying for it ,Not all Institutions accept second
choices ,you must make the institution you are seeking for admission to be first choice only ,if not you won’t be considered for the Admission.
Thirdly, You must get the POST UTME/ Online Screening forms from the school and also follow the processes on the school portal . In the aspect
of of the online Screening which entails submission of your documents, you must submit it online to the school portal.
For those who dont have O’level Results yet ,you can still apply for your different schools Aptitude test with Awaiting results AR, with time the School Management will still Reopen the portal for Candidates to upload their O’level results to the school portal.
Fourthly, You must ensure that you have also uploaded your O’level Results on JAMB CAPS portal too before applying for the POST -UTME if
not your Admission will be rejected by JAMB immediately your school send the names.
Please NOTES it’s not your School that offers the admission but JAMB, your school selects names of qualified and successful candidates who are been considered for the Admission and then recommend it to JAMB ,then JAMB offers the admission. So if you want your Institution to
consider you , please study very well for your Institution POST UTME Examinations or make sure you have a good O’level Results grade and a
High JAMB score for the online Screening. Then you will be considered for the Admission.
Lastly, the POST UTME form /Online Screening form are been sold in the school , you can buy the form online and complete the registration processes online. The amount is N2,000 Naira only for the form while the registration is approximately 1,500 or so depending on the
institution. So you can budget a total fee of N4,000 for your POST UTME /Online Screening form Application.


This is to inform you all that Any UNIVERSITY in Southern Nigeria (SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST, SOUTH SOUTH) that Puts their cutoff mark below 170, please you are directed not to put too much hope in the admission especially if you scored 170– 150 etc.
As far as I know any southern university that does so just want screening money and you won’t be admitted ,cause they will only admit based on high scores and cards game (ADMISSION RUNZ) if you doubt me watch and see.
So please stop asking if you’ll be admitted into UNIPORT or other Institutions that will cut 150 as cut off mark and you scored 160.. It’s
But if it’s universities In Northern Nigeria (Northeast Northwest Northcentral) there’s a likelihood of being admitted with the lowest of
scores such as 150 above.
For now ,we have just a few schools that have Released post UTME forms ,others will release theirs by September/October even some will
still release their own by late November ,2021.
Admission will commence by January, 2022 and will end when JAMB will start selling a new UTME form for 2022.
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