How To Calculate UNILAG Aggregate Score

In order to calculate your UNILAG Post-UTME aggregate score, the formula adopted by the institution is the sum of
your UTME score divided by eight (8) and your Post-UTME SCORE score by two (2).
For example:
If you scored 290 in UTME and went on to score 20 in Post-UTME , your aggregate score will be calculated thus:
UTME Score = 290/4 = 72.50
Post-UTME Score = 20/30 * 100 = 66.67
Aggregate Score = (72.50 + 66.67)/2 = 139.17/2 = 69.59%
Don’t get confused, it’s true that the number of Post UTME questions are usually between 30 to 50. So, you might want
to ask, how is it possible for me to score 66.67 in Post- UTME?
Well, this is what UNILAG does; whatever you score in Post- UTME over 30 (based on last year’s scoring system) will be rounded up to 100, that is it will rounded up to a percentage value. Let’s say, for example you score 15/30. It will be the same as 15/30 multiplied by 100/1 which is equal to
What ever is gotten over 100 is what will be added to your UTME score and divided by 2 to get your final Post-UTME score before combining to get the aggregate score as
described above.
Your aggregate score will be measured against the cut off mark of your chosen course. The cut off marks (required aggregate scores) for all courses is ideally supposed to be published weeks after the Post-UTME exams.
Important UNILAG Admission Requirements To Know

1. The University of Lagos (UNILAG) does not accept two O’level sittings.
2. UNILAG will NEVER admit you if you make them as second choice university while filling your JAMB UTME Form. (Take note of this).
3. University of Lagos (UNILAG) will NEVER admit you for Engineering, actuarial science, mathematics, if you don’t have further Mathematics in your O’level results!
4. You will not be offered admission into the University of Lagos psychology faculty if you don’t have biology in your O’level results.
5. Mathematics and English Language is compulsory at Credit grades in your O’level. If you didn’t merit this in your O’level result, please don’t bother to apply for admission into the University of Lagos.
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