What You Need To Know About Admission Lists

What You Need To Know About Admission


The Schooltalks News team wishes to address several daily questions, which we receive on daily basic on our official contact page. These questions are very related to Admission Lists of several Nigerian Tertiary Institution.

We would love to lists and explain the questions we receive on our mailbox on this page, these questions are shown below:
1. How many batches of admission lists does a university release per academic session?
2. When is university admission lists coming out or will be released?
3. How many candidates can university admit for the 2020/2021 academic session?
4. How do I know if I would be admitted into the university of my choice?
The Main reason why we are displaying this questions which many students sent to our mailbox is because we want to address this issue publicly on this blog, since most students/aspirants of several universities, polytechnics and colleges of education have several questions to ask us, but can not contact us and Secondly, it is because it will take us time to answer this questions one after the other, so we would love to answer this question on this page.

QUESTION 1. How many batches of admission list does a university release per academic session?

Most importantly, please note that every institution is expected to release four different batches of admission list, as shown below;
a. The First Batch: The first batch, which is also known as the first merit admission list , consists of the names of candidates who has MOSTLY select the educational
institution as their FIRST CHOICE of institution, during the JAMB UTME examination registration, which is done while filling the form. Most times, candidates whose names appear on the FIRST BATCH admission list are candidates who has also beat the stipulated cut-off marks by the Institution. These candidates can find their name on the JAMB official portal, before it is uploaded by the institution.
b. The Second Batch: The second batch of admission list, which is also called the Second merit admission list , consists of the names of candidates who selected the
institution as their First choice institution, during their JAMB UTME registration, when filling the form. Candidates names which appear on the Second batch of admission list are also known to have Surpass the FIXED cut-off marks by the Institution in question, which is FIXED by JAMB board.
These candidates can also find their names on the JAMB official portal, most times, before the admission list is uploaded by the institution.
c. The Supplementary Admission List: In lame man english, we could have called it, the THIRD ADMISSION LIST , but that’s not the case. The supplementary list can also be called the merit list, which comes after the first and second admission lists. However, contrary to the FIRST BATCH ADMISSION LIST, and SECOND BATCH ADMISSION LIST, this list in particular,
contains the names of candidates who did not meet the cut- off marks for their selected courses, but however, did provide
an option for a new course with a lower cut-off which they meet.
The Merit list, bears 70% of the total number of admitted persons per academic session.
This statistics is according to JAMB.
Most times, the supplementary list is also merged with the Un-merit list.
Below, we have more details regarding the Un-merit List.
d. The Unmerit List: This list, being the last list released by the institution for admission, consists of candidates who did
not meet the cut-off mark of the course they are admitted for (non-merit) but surpass the general admission cut off mark
(so in some way, merit).
The Un-merit list contains lists from several high authorities in the academic institution.
For example
The Educational Institution Vice-Chancellor list.
Traditional Ruler,
Senators, among other high profile Individual quotas are contained in the Un-merit List.
For your sole interest, most a times, the first and second batches are combined as one, making only 3 list.
For example
The OAU 2020/2021 Ile-Ife admission list. Some institution combines the supplementary with the Non- merit list, releasing it as one list.
Which also sum it up as three admission list being released for that academic year.
For example, institution like: University Of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), Covenant University (CU), Nnamdi Azikwe University (UNIZIK) University Of Benin, (UNIBEN), and others, do continuously keep on releasing admission list until her matriculation is done. Weird right? But that is how The Educational Tertiary Institution System do function.
QUESTION 2. When is the admission list coming out or will be released?

 Regarding this question, it might be quite impossible to assimilate when any institution will released her admission list. The only people who know or have idea about when the admission list of various tertiary institution will be released are the institution and JAMB Officials, Vice Chancellor’s And most time Staffs, who has the right to release a list, when they think it is due.
QUESTION 3. How Many Candidates Can University Admits For The 2020/2021 Academic Session?

The number of candidates which are being admitted into the University in a particular programme/course of study is determine by the combined bodies responsible for the
accreditation of such programmes. The National Universities Commission, also known as NUC, though have the overall
control over the Number of candidates who have being admitted in a course. However, in strong courses like Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and other related programmes,
the Medical And Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) are responsible for the accredition of programmes in the university and the Number of candidates to be admitted.
This factor is also dully affected by the Number and Qualities of Facilities which is being controlled by the institution.
That is to say that, any institution with a large number working equipments, would admit more persons more than the number of candidates a smaller sized institution would. Broadly speaking, the average carrying capacity of most Nigerian Institutions is about 200 students per course. Art courses do have a capacity of about 150 persons per course, since they do not involve much practicals, if there’s any at all. Aside the theatre acts and others.
QUESTION 4. How Do I Know If I’ll Be Admitted Into The University Of My Choice?
Luckily, if you sur-pass the cut-off mark of your selected course in your chosen tertiary institution, you are certain to be admitted in the first batch of admission list.
Otherwise, the Supplementary lists are for bargain.
Wow, we just did a lot of Discussing There!!.
Do you have any questions, Enquiries? Then don’t hesitate to further your questions in the comment box below.
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